Bugatti Aircraft Association

Founded November 1997

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The Bugatti 100P record plane Book

The Bugatti Aircraft Association is the association of enthusiasts of the Bugatti airplane. However, also the other aircraft constructions of both Ettore Bugatti as well as Louis de Monge have our attention. The Belgian de Monge was the chief-designer of the airplane, in service of Bugatti.

The BAA continues to grow slowly, with currently over 85 members from all over the world (USA, UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and more)

Twentynine issues of the club magazine Pegasus have been released, containing various articles about the plane, and the ongoing research into its history. Especially the last few issues revealed a lot of new knowledge about the Bugatti Airplane, but also about other constructions, like the Bugatti Type 67, a Bugatti design for a V16, from 1939 and the Breguet-Dorand helicpoter, which used a Breguet-Bugatti 8 cylinder engine.

These articles will NOT be published on the Internet, as we are convinced that it will not be possible to really start a club in the anonimity of the Internet. Thatīs the reason why the BAA is "entirely" an off-line club of Bugatti lovers.


The goal of the Bugatti Aircraft Association is to increase and spread knowledge about the Bugatti plane, with as a final goal to build a flying replica of the original design. This replica may be build either by individuals or by the BAA itself. Apart from the interest in the Bugatti airplane also the Bugatti Aircraft engines and the airplanes these were used in are subject of study for the BAA.

The goal of the Bugatti Aircraft Association has been reached! See the NEWS 19-8-2015

Drawing on the right of this page: Steve Tournay

The combined efforts of the BAA culminated in one fantastic publication:

The Bugatti 100P record plane

Created by Ettore Bugatti and Louis de Monge

Jaap Horst

ISBN : 978-90-8616-123-2
Language : English
Format : 220 x 285 mm
Pages : 220, hardcover
Approx. 400 photographs and drawings
Published by: Violaero